Let me explain..

We were three women meeting

For the first time-wives of three old friends

After the preliminary introductions were completed

And we were all past the stage of pretense

The conversation turned, as it invariably does

To family, work-life balance, raising children

Soon each one of us, though highly accomplished

Was explaining her life-choices to other women


I realized we have a compelling need to explain

How we make our choices, set priorities

Each time they are different from the norm

We try to rationalize our own insecurities

Preemptively- so conditioned are we to receive judgment

When we move past societal rules restrictive

That we feel obligated to explain our motivation

Behind everything we do, in a manner predictive

We are almost certain questions would be asked

So into a defensive mode we go

We are all adults free to make decisions

Then why do others have to know

When we choose something “unconventional”

(What is convention anyway, may I inquire?)

Different strokes exist for different folks

We live according to our needs and desires..


We gave each other explanations vociferous

Subconsciously judging and comparing constantly

We ended though on a note unanimous

We were each doing the best for our family..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “Let me explain..

  1. Cringe-worthy conversations. I stay a moving target…never one for small talk. Now that I am retired, the question is always (especially during Covid) ‘But what do you do?’ Really? “Whatever I want.” And then keep moving.


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