I just want to sit in peace and drink my coffee

And mindfully enjoy my breakfast too

Instead I grab a biodegradable cup

And scarf down antioxidant-rich morsels few

With my phone in one hand, coffee cup in the other

I grab my car keys and walk at a brisk pace

To my car, my handbag slung over my shoulder

Gearing for ride in heavy traffic to my workplace.


Driving to work is a time sink, therefore

Instead of listening to a radio station that is more interesting

I listen to an audio book, a podcast or more

I am glad in self-improvement time I am investing


I just want to sit outside and munch

For fifteen precious minutes precise

On my fiber and protein-rich lunch

But doing nothing else is unwise

As I chew on my salad leaves, I try

To respond to e-mails abundant

I return from lunch satisfied, I won’t lie

When I’ve emptied the lunchbox and inbox of their contents..


In my 20 minute break I want to sit and stare

At the ceiling, but my inner voice admonishes me

Sitting is the new cancer, so I do not dare

To sit, instead I go for a brisk walk to stay healthy


The afternoon commute is painfully slow

I listen to my audio book to be productive again

I pick up my child, feed him a snack as we go

To his soccer practice-secretly wishing it would rain..


I want to sit in a corner and watch my child play

But I’ve to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting

I read the documents e-mailed earlier today

Of the soccer game, I catch glimpses fleeting


Once home I want to sit down, I feel the need

That’s not happening at all, as dinner is due

I have mastered making dinner at an amazing speed

While helping my child with his assignments too..


I sit for dinner for ten minutes or so

That is our family time, precious

Once dishes are done, I’m ready to go

Sit and read (extra reading would be a plus)

Often I do not realize how I sink in my bed

From sitting to a position supine

All the wonderful things in my head

Disappear as sleep takes over my mind..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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