Finding my Tempo Giusto- Part 2. Say No to the (New) Dress!

As an aspiring fashionista I wanted new clothes and shoes

Shopping for them was a way to drive away the blues

I would wear things once and put away

Clothes that did not then see the light of the day

For days, months, even years, I confess

I dressed for pleasure, I dressed to impress

Even though showing off was not strictly my intention

I sent off the message that I had beautiful possessions

My spare time was spent in browsing websites

Adding clothes to my cart was my indulgence most nights

In what was my previous life I would have certainly

Been outraged if you mentioned wearing preowned things to me


When the pandemic hit, there was nowhere to go

At work, hidden under PPE my clothes did not show

My wardrobe became a museum of sorts

In my germophobic state, I definitely did not

Miss donning new outfits every day

The landfills must be thanking me today

I realized how I was playing a part

In degrading the environment by filling up my cart

As opportunities arose to go out some more

I did not rush to physical or online clothing stores

Instead more creative I got with my closet

My shopping threshold had been reset

When the need and urge to buy something new arose

Preowned items (likely preloved too) I chose

From the waste of fast fashion to steps albeit small

Towards conservation, my attitude underwent an overhaul


I’m trying to get back to my fashion-loving ways

I am glad to say, in more sustainable ways

Pleasant side effects of this change happen to be

More saving, more authenticity, more creativity..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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