Finding My Tempo Giusto- Part 3. Travel in the Flow

A globetrotting traveler I have always aspired to be

Waking up in a new time zone is appealing to me

Unique travel experiences I’d love to accumulate

To make more versatile my limited palate

Since my dreams of travel and schedules were widely divergent

My travels were fast-paced, it was my intent

To sample as much of as many places as I could

Leisurely relaxed vacations I never understood

Running from one tour to another, grabbing food on the go

Compared to vacation, my work schedule was slow..

Not that I did not enjoy my busy vacation

The novelty of experience was enough motivation


Of course, after my most ambitious vacation to date

Had been planned in detail, with every expense paid

Travel for pleasure came to a halt complete

As the pandemic made barren busy streets

In the beginning there was no actual place to go to

So with vicarious travel I had to make do

I traveled through my medium preferred

I traveled through the lens of the printed word


As time went by, wanderlust returned

So whenever for a new experience we yearned

We would drive to state parks that happened to be

Surprisingly abundant in our vicinity

We discovered that in the urge to travel to places distant

We had left our backyard unexplored, to a great extent

Within few hours’ drives we had mountains and the sea

We enjoyed the bounty of nature unhurriedly

Packed picnic lunches to enjoy after a hike

This slow pace of travel I’ve now begun to like

When I am ready to fly to distant lands again

Slow travel shall be my new refrain

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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