Which role am I in today?

Like all of us, many hats I wear

That represent issues about which I care

My identity is a sum total of each one

At different points in time, different facets I summon

A homemaker, a mother and a physician

Are my most important positions

Sometimes I am in a mood creative

An artistic expression I try to give

To my thoughts, I try to create

Tiny pieces of art, to satiate

The desire to surround myself with beauty

To better withstand the mundane call of duty

There are quiet moments in my day

When I let books transport me away

To a different universe, a reader I become

Absorbing printed words, soaking up wisdom

Sometimes I fancy myself as a writer, I confess

In prose and verse, my thoughts I express

I become a fashionista when I play

Dress-up to brighten up my day

Many times a teacher I try to be

Imparting knowledge of medicine to a trainee..


There is a role that transcends all the above

That is the role I’ve come to cherish and love

To be a learner, repeatedly immerse

Myself in an unexplored universe

To be a better version of myself in each role

To refine my methods in each realm is my goal

Maybe there are no large leaps for me

I let tiny steps mould my identity

Let learning my raison d’être be

Each day as an opportunity to improve let me see..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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