To children shaped by the pandemic

This is for my child and others like him, whose parents are frontline workers dealing with the stress of the pandemic every day…we have brought anxiety home through these trying times.

(NaBloPoMo 2021- Do Good Child)

I know the pandemic has been harsh on you

Caused upheaval in your life, it’s true

Besides homeschooling and loneliness

You’ve had to witness your parents’ distress

The grown-ups’ anxiety has rubbed off on you

You have witnessed their frustration, their anger too

You’ve seen them work long hours, staying late

You’ve missed their reassuring hugs, when they’ve had to isolate

By now their emotions you can recognize

You know their triggers, you’ve become wise

They whisper around you, but you know instinctively

Whether they have witnessed another tragedy…

A lot of devastation your young eyes have seen

You’ve been exposed to things you should not have been


I hope fervently these memories shall fade

You would remember all the good memories you made

With your parents at home and outdoors

You would forget the anguish, and remember more

The enthusiasm of your parents as they shared stories

Of their patients improving, their small victories

Their relief at testing negative and ending isolation

Their fierce embraces, those fleeting moments of elation

The hope that they exuded when the vaccine was released

Their relaxed smiles when cases went down, restrictions were eased

I hope you shall remember the wonderful experience

Of being hugged by grandparents after a long absence

I hope you remember how good it felt to play

With your friends after time spent away

I hope you remember stories of how people helped each other

Get through the pandemic, how this storm they weathered..


No matter how we see it, these two years

Shall be, forever, in your memory seared

I hope you shall remember with gratitude

The pandemic years, and your attitude

Shall be shaped by the best parts

Of life through this time, I wish with all my heart

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

3 thoughts on “To children shaped by the pandemic

  1. Wow, such a beautiful poetic story arc that records our and our children’s experience… It reminds me of what Toni Morrison said in an interview with Oprah, asking if our children see our love for them whenever they look at our faces. Just that, I think, if we can achieve it, will have gone a long way in fortifying our kids through this existential challenge. Thank you for doing NaBloPoMo with me, it’s SO nice to meet you!! 😀 xo

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