Sleep vs. stimulation

NaBloPoMo 2021

I’ve had a long day, now what do I do?

I am exhausted, with a short fuse too

I think I have no brain power left to spend

I am sure I have no energy left to expend

On any activity remotely classified as productive

The idea of snoozing on my couch is seductive..


Maybe in another era that’s what I would have done

If I were exhausted, to my bed I would have returned

But with gadgets around, I don’t do that now

Relaxation means aimlessly surfing somehow

The world wide web, accessible even in bed

The stimulation is addictive, therefore instead

Of taking a short nap which infinitely more refreshing would be

I surf the internet on my phone mindlessly

I search for funny videos, gorgeous sights, fashion and more

I am still tired but more stimulated than before

I don’t know what direction my stress levels have taken

By stimulating my mind and eyes, precious sleep I’ve forsaken


Cognitively I know this is the wrong thing to do

Yet I repeat this folly everyday, it’s true

Unable to fall asleep despite being tired

I stay sleep-deprived, my poor brain constantly wired…


Enough said, now to my bed I shall retreat

Leave my phone elsewhere, prop up my tired feet

Close my eyes and not let in blue light

I’ll let my senses be taken over by the night..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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