Quiet at work?

She worked quietly and efficiently

Assumed her work was there for everyone to see

And admire, she put in hours beyond required

She had a reputation of being a hard-worker acquired

She did not talk much about her accomplishments though

Small talk would interfere with efficiency and make her slow

So she believed, besides she operated with the conviction

That actions spoke louder than words, impeccable work made the distinction


She had assumed she would in her career make strides

Because of her dedication, eventually, so she let it slide

When others (men) more vociferous in their opinions

(Without doing as much) were given the power to make decisions

And she, the quiet one, was sidelined

At every opportunity for promotion she was left behind

Slowly she noticed that she would receive

Time-intensive projects that were less important perceived

While the plum assignments that more impactful seemed

Would go to her colleagues who were more competent deemed

She also realized the ideas she had shared informally

Were stolen by others who claimed their authenticity

What was happening took her a while to realize

She understood that she needed to be more worldly-wise


I wish I could say she turned around and achieved

Everything she deserved, but despite the reality she perceived

She found it difficult to transform herself into someone

Who could toot her own horn, be afraid of none

She has grown smarter, and no longer accepts

Having work dumped on her, in this respect

She has made some strides, but still struggles to be heard

In a room full of assertive folks, who still have the final word


Actions speak, but words do too

Women need to speak up more at work, it’s true..

Is this social conditioning that lets women be

On the sidelines, not front and center for the world to see?

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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