How do I understand the world?

When I was young I thought understanding meant

Learning scientific principles, my time was spent

In pouring over subatomic particles, DNA, RNA and such

Newton’s laws and Einstein’s theories attracted me much

I thought the world around me I could understand

By understanding physical objects and the lay of the land..

I viewed the world in black-and-white

The answer was either wrong or right

Even when history books I read

Those words were gospel truths in my head..

That theories could be based on biased views

Did not even occur to me, there was only one answer to choose…


As I have grown older I have realized

There is more to learning than meets the eye

There is subjectivity in interpretation

I have understood, to my consternation

Biases taint scientific literature too

(The pandemic has by now shown this to be true)

The most valuable lessons I have learnt

After many years of getting burnt-

To imbibe everything with a grain of salt

To recognize bias without trying to find fault

To acknowledge that my world view

Does not have to resonate with others too

To try to listen to the other side too

To look for original sources to find what is true

To recognize that despite all efforts to delineate

The actual truth, it may be impossible to isolate

Fact from fiction, because reality is what one perceives

Different for someone with a different set of beliefs..


When the burden of comprehension overwhelming becomes

I take refuge in submitting to the Higher One

I clear my mind before trying to figure out

What the universe is really about

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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