Frost’s roads

Robert Frost only had two roads from which he

Had to choose, I wish that would be the case for me..

Too many roads, too many ways, choices galore

What defines my world is the word “more”

Life is a complex maze of choices, further complicated

By the internet that leads to senses hyper-stimulated

Too many variables to analyze in an equation

Hard to reach a conclusion, or even derive the best estimation

I start down one road, but something shiny and bright

Often distracts me, questions of “what-ifs” ignites

I abandon my plan, set out a different path altogether

The one that holds the promise of something better

Even if on one road I manage to stay

The joy of my journey is taken away

By the promise of something superior in another direction

I am left analyzing repeatedly every action..

There seem to be no roads less traveled by somehow

As being unconventional has become the convention now..


My ancestors would think I am fortunate

To have a plethora of choices, to be able to dictate

What I want in life, but this privilege feels like a noose

At times, from which I want to cut loose

If I had one or two choices I would not face

Decision paralysis like I do these days..


Many roads diverged before me and I

I took the one most traveled by

Tried and tested, with surprises none

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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