I have a promise to keep

The world appeared to be a dark place

In everything I did I seemed to face

Roadblocks, challenges, though small

Summed up they were taking a toll

On my patience, well-being and sanity

I felt I was trying to sprint on empty

Overly sensitive was I in every interaction

Everything I perceived as an infraction

Though convinced that physically I was well

A vague bodily discomfort I could not quell

I could only view the world from a pessimistic lens

I was ready to snap, I was so tense..


Before my world could crash and collapse

Before I lost my mind over tiny mishaps

My feet found their way to my bed on their own

They realized what I should have already known

Next thing I remember is waking up from a slumber deep

And the world was transformed after my restorative sleep

Besides having more energy I found

A change in my mood and outlook profound

The pessimistic hues had been replaced

With a silver lining my thoughts were laced


Days like this come in my life frequently

Following nights of hospital call, that inevitably

Lead to poor or no sleep at night

The next day I am locked in a fight

With the demon of sleep that alters my perception

Everything seems wrong with the world; this deception

Lasts invariably until I catch up on lost sleep

To hit the covers is a promise to myself that I must keep

When I feel the post-call blues overpowering me

I must remember that sleep is my therapy..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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