This neologism in common use these days

Makes me feel incompetent in many ways

I entered adulthood decades ago,

But “adulting” was something I did not know

I was supposed to be doing actively

It was the baggage that came with being free

To make my decisions, vote in elections

Not having the need for parental supervision

Of course, that meant my messes would be mine

And that about them to no one I could whine..


“Adulting” is hard when you examine it in detail

Shouldering many responsibilities it entails

From earning (and saving money) to placing food on the table

To being a responsible citizen of this world who is able

To contribute constructively to the society in ways more than one

Is a tall order, I do not think I have done

Justice to everything that adulting requires

I “adult” in fits and starts, putting out fires

More often than actually doing something constructive

(Guess I have a steady job, so you can call me productive)

But other facets of adulting are strenuous for me

Like filing taxes, changing tires, being financially savvy..

Remembering passwords, commitments and deadlines,

Staying organized, paying dues timely without incurring fines

And being a role model for my offsprings-

That is one of the hardest tasks adulting brings…


As a flawed human being, specifically an adult flawed

I wish the verb “adulting” would be outlawed

So that each time on my responsibilities I fall behind

I am not a failed adult in my own mind…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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