My time at work is literally and figuratively full of “overload”. My patients have “volume overload” (swelling of legs due to weak heart), my clinic schedules, inbox, e-mail etc. are all overloaded, and with a phone in hand 24×7 for days at a stretch while on call, I have information and sensory overload. Then there is a life outside work bombarded with images, videos etc…..

My senses are bombarded constantly

By a smattering of stimuli hurled at me

In a perpetual state of overload I stay

With information coming at me in every way

Too many e-mails, phone calls, messages to sift through

Articles to read, podcasts to hear, videos to watch too

To stay up-to-date at work, home and in life overall

In the misleading pit of multitasking I fall

Thinking I can process multiple bytes of information

At the same time, and make sound, informed decisions…


Maybe that’s why constant exhaustion I face

Despite vitamins and exercise- my brain gets no space

To process information in pieces that are small

My brain is forced to simultaneously process it all

Spending time in mindful practices or meditation

For some time each day does not protect against invasion

Of my senses throughout the rest of the day

I need a reduction in stimuli coming my way

Sometimes I ignore things, but it can backfire too

Because superfluous stuff hides important things to do…


I know in this boat I am not alone

Distracted, frazzled, glued to a phone

Many of us go about life from day to day

Somehow we need to find a better way

To simplify our lives, get rid of fluff

Give proper attention to meaningful stuff..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “Overloaded…

  1. I so admire you. My doctors walk into the room, and I feel a sense of calm that they have looked over my chart and can answer my questions/concerns. And then onto the next patient. Do not think this goes unnoticed!

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