To be exceptional….

When I was young, not yet prone to negativity

I thought I was interesting, charismatic, witty

I had audacious plans, I thought I could

Be anyone I wanted to be, I fancied I would

Travel the world and have a life storied

The life of a multifaceted maverick I would lead..


Maybe I was delusional, maybe it was the influence

Of the books I had read, but I had a desire intense

To be extraordinary, be unique, and unconventional

Learning about varied topics was a habit intentional

I wanted to be someone with an opinion to express

On any topic being discussed, leave people impressed…

What is striking to me now in my non-delusional state

How overconfident I was, how highly myself I did rate!


Somewhere along the way, I had the painful realization

That I was squarely ordinary, and the bloated estimation

Of my abilities was completely off the mark

I was a boring introvert- that was the reality stark

With limitations on both experiences and skill

My dreams were giant shoes the real me could not fill


I lead a perfectly ordinary, mundane life indeed

I adventure vicariously through characters in books I read

I rarely say anything that can remotely be perceived

As interesting or intriguing, but I am relieved

To know that I do not have to try hard to maintain

An interesting persona, I can be boring and plain


Somewhere, though, in a corner of my mind

Is the hope that one day I would find

Myself involved in an extraordinary situation

In which my exceptional skills I would have to summon…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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