Song for a Revolution

(This poem refers to the Iranian protest anthem Baraye by Shervin Hajipour that was recently performed by the band Coldplay in Buenos Aires, Argentina and broadcast to the world).

Music is meant to feed the soul

Sometimes it expands outside this role

Becoming an instrument of social protest

A song, once sung, you cannot arrest

The freedom of singers, songwriters may be

Curbed, the protesters suppressed brutally

You cannot kill a song, you cannot obliterate

Lyrics once composed, they continue to resonate

Through the ears, hearts and souls of millions

Involved across the world in a revolution

This is powerful music, with potential to galvanize

So many, it has come to characterize

The revolution, become an anthem

For the people, to unite and energize them


A song was breathed into the air

It fell on ears of millions everywhere

Long, long afterward it remained

In the collective psyche of people once chained

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