Women empower each other!

Like many ambitious women I had actively sought

Women as mentors, with the thought

That a woman in a position of authority

Would understand what it takes to be

Successful in a world that mostly belongs to men

But I did not realize my expectations often

Many times I found myself discouraged by

Women who themselves had climbed high

I found more men willing to mentor me

A fact that has stood out sorely for me

When I climbed a bit higher, I seemed to

Unfortunately replicate what I had gone through

Of other women I was hypercritical, unfairly so

Until I began to understand what I now know


Fiercely competitive the world appears

To women who break glass ceilings and barriers

In the heat of competition they seem to forget

That they have opportunities to set

Precedents for women who are trying to be

In their shoes,

By supporting their peers, they have nothing to lose


Why do we have this urge inexplicable

To tear each other apart, why are we unable

To support each other when we know

The light within us can make other women glow

We are troubled by patriarchal archaic norms

In order to bring about lasting reform

We must unite, support and empathize

With other women, let them also rise

When women empower each other and teach

Their daughters too, the consequences have far reach


Incredible things happen, someone astute said

When women don’t tear apart but support each other instead

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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