Linking to :http://ceenphotography.com/2015/11/10/cees-fun-foto-challenge-anything-painted/ While I probably have hundreds of photographs that would fit the bill, I decided to go with these striking ones- Over-painted sculptures at a children’s museum in San Diego, CA Painted fence and painted bench at the Children’s Garden, Camden, NJ

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Patterns

Patterns could be found everywhere- So he believed, and he would dare To find a pattern, however obscure Painstakingly he would explore Tiny bits of superfluous  information; String them together in a logical formation- He found patterns in thoughts and actions Of individuals, groups and even nations In predicting the patterns of others, it’s true He hadContinue reading “Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Patterns”

One Word Photo Challenge-Seasons- Cloudy!

I chose cloudy weather- not my favorite, especially not for photography, but here we are- I’m nostalgic for those cloudy days  Where clouds outside my window would stay Descending in to the valley, dark and deep Pressing me to crawl under covers and sleep The clouds brought with them seductive languor I’d read a book tucked in aContinue reading “One Word Photo Challenge-Seasons- Cloudy!”

Travel Theme- Frame

“If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, I think we’d see, The beauty then and stand staring in awe.”- Unknown A short verse and some images for this challenge: I capture with my lens moments of joy ephemeral Frame them, turn them into memories perpetual My world is framedContinue reading “Travel Theme- Frame”