This is a question that unnerves most physicians- what if the disease that you specialize in treating is the one that ends up afflicting you? Here I have imagined an oncologist (cancer specialist) who gets diagnosed with the cancer that he has devoted his life to understanding and treating. I knew unnerving it would be […]

Hello, I am your doctor..

I know you are worried I do not fulfil Your criteria- I can see I do not instil Confidence in you that  I am capable Of  taking excellent care of you, that I am able To diagnose and treat your condition- You might not have chosen me of your volition   But you were forced […]

Ramblings of a doctor in the intensive care unit (ICU)

Exhausted, discouraged, demoralized I feel As I sit at the end of the day, rubbing my aching heels Life and death in all their unpredictability Get in the way of caring for patients, inevitably And I question myself, that though my team strives To make every single sick patient survive Our efforts turn out to […]

Musings of a doctor

(Painting by Luis Jimenez Aranda- The ward in chief doctor visit. 1889) I think in my daily life I crib enough That life as a physician is pretty tough Running at times purely on adrenaline Assisted by a hefty dose of caffeine Trying (and failing) very hard to squeeze Sixty minutes of work in fifteen isn’t a […]

Final Diagnosis

Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.  ~Martin H. Fischer The thrill of a rare Diagnosis you made You are suddenly aware Of praise and accolades You grin from ear to ear You brim with a confidence new Reading diligently year after year Has finally been fruitful for you Satisfied your inner clinician […]

Doctor Venus versus Doctor Mars

Picture reference: I learnt a remarkable fact recently…Among the first licensed women physicians, there was an Indian woman named Anandibai Joshi, who studied Medicine in my current city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with two other women, one from Syria and another from Japan. A photograph of the trio from the year 1885 has recently made its […]