The virtue of patience

Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we are waiting for… -Charles Stanley All her wishes, wants and desires She wanted at once fulfilled.. The overflowing cup of her patience Was always to the very brim filled. She wanted instant gratification Irrespective of the need Her hands raised in supplication She wouldContinue reading “The virtue of patience”

Fly high, above mediocrity

Square pegs in round holes Trying to fit in preformed molds Bowing to all societal pressures Forgetting all individual measures.. Slaughtering all creative drive Conforming to every rule, they strive Internalizing all frustration Simmering inside like ammunition Living a life of discontentment Harboring subtle resentment Through their lives they trudge Eventually unable to budge From the moldContinue reading “Fly high, above mediocrity”