Setting fire to water

I am literally talking about setting fire to water…not figuratively…fire on water

I just remembered reading a book on the periodic table (table of all elements arranged according to atomic numbers and masses) as a child. While reading about sodium, I was fascinated by the fact that a lump of sodium would burn when placed in water due to a chemical reaction. I told my younger sister about it at night (I guess she was about 7 or 8 years old then), and she was horrified to think that someone would actually want to set fire to water!

Searching for this topic on Google now, there are actually websites which detail how you can set fire to ice cubes. The idea is simple, just coat the cubes with something flammable like ethanol or methanol that will burn…

I also came across articles on creating fire water..this is a party trick in areas where the controversial technique of fracking is carried out. People light matches, bring them close to a running tap and then step back as the trickle bursts into flames. This is possible because of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which involves injecting water, sand and chemicals into the hard shale rock under high pressure to break it up and extract the natural gas trapped within. Some of this gas escapes as it rises to the surface, contaminating aquifers on the way.

In several areas of Northern Pennsylvania, methane is so abundant in tap water due to geological conditions and fracking that you could light a fire straight out the faucet…


There are actually you tube videos for creating fire water. I have not checked them out, because the idea of setting water on fire is not quite as exciting as it was over 2 decades ago. Moreover, fracking appears to be environmentally hazardous to me, though I have not researched its impact on the environment.

There have been reports of a polluted river catching fire- the Meiyu river in China actually caught fire once due to release of black oil from a factory!

polluted river on fire

Well, if Adele can set fire to the rain, surely one can set fire to water in other forms as evident from  these images!

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