The stuff that dreams are made of…

Here’s what my dreams are made of-

1. Exotic places– preferably including mountains, rivers and waterfalls.alaska                                                                  In Alaskalake jenny

                                                    Grand Teton National Park

My love for travel is summed in this one.

2. Colorful, unique outfits- Preferably with western silhouettes crafted in Indian textiles with plenty of detailing (embroidery, bead work, applique, richly woven fabrics etc.)indian textiles1          

This may not be apparent from my blog, but I absolutely love dressing up. I love flamboyant clothes incorporating the rich textile heritage of India. Of course, I dream of clothes that make me feel beautiful..

3. A book that I can lose myself in- A book with a powerful, moving story, usually with a woman as the protagonist, and usually involving one of the major wars.o-OPEN-BOOK-facebook versesunaccustomed earthinheritance of loss

Not a surprise to anyone who knows me…nowadays I love books detailing the immigrant experience.

I initially thought I would come up with a longer list, but these are the three that inhabit my dream world.

What are your dreams made of?

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4 thoughts on “The stuff that dreams are made of…

  1. You’ve illustrated your ideal dreams well, and they sound lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not sure why but that’s kind of a tough question for me to answer! I think my dreams have to vary. Some things for sure though are nearby water, enough green forests and country to get lost in but still be close to the bustling, lively, creative cities like Chicago; I love them both and to experience the dichotomy is a real treat. Mountains would be near. Lush forests full of wondrous creatures. Birds, lots and lots of birds from the exotic to the plain and simple. My dreams would never be without the opportunity to create and express myself. In my dreams as well there is a lot of color, but I still want rain and thunderstorms. Dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚ And wild horses. Music. Orchids… I guess it’s not so hard… Lol…

    Reaching down into even smaller things, well there would be hugs and smiles, and once in a while, at least please, the chance to spend a little bit more time with those we’ve lost.

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