You and I

youandi (2)You and I,

If we could travel

Back in time long gone

Maybe a secret we’d unravel

Maybe it would finally dawn

On both of us 

How we both drifted apart

How did we fortify

Separately, our fragile hearts

Even now I wonder why

What happened to

The passion that once had

Held us in its throes

It wilted, leaving us sad,

To wallow in our lonely woes.

If we could

Get another chance, just once

We would make a brand new start

Get rid of any grievance

Break the wall around each heart.

We would love

Each other with every pore

Of our body, oozing passion

Together we would then explore

Our union, with fascination.

You and I

If we could find your’s and mine

Heart and mind and soul

We would make them intertwine

Forever, that would be the goal. 

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