My sanctuary

DSC03311.JPGAs I observe my child engrossed

In playing with his toys, completely lost

In his own world, inventing stories

That he narrates to himself, without any worries

He is quite oblivious of his creativity

While I, proud as only a mother could be

Marvel at him, then travel back in time

To when such creative pursuits were mine

And say to myself, a tad wistfully

I wish I could channel my creativity..

Years spent in rigorous medical  training

Have obliterated the imaginative being

That once was me, bubbling with stories within

That longed to escape, into words woven

Ideas that evaporated, lost their existence

Because I had no time to give them substance..

And now I feel that well of creativity

Has dried up, exasperated by its futility

How I long to channel once again

The creative streak in my pragmatic brain..


This was me contemplating over a year ago

How to let the seed of creativity grow

Had to start somewhere, myself I told-

After weeks of deliberation, I became bold

Enough to put my voice out there

Thus started this blog, I finally did dare

To put my thoughts out in such a way

That would demand commitment day after day

To pen down my ideas for the blog’s existence

Having this blog fueled my persistence

Now this is my haven, my quiet sanctuary

To which I escape from my daily life dreary.























Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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