Rhythm and Chaos

DSC04620Rhythm and Chaos, free spirits two

On a whim decided to

Compete with each other just to see

Who between them could more swiftly

Traverse the breadth of the Galaxy

Each one set out determinedly

With aplomb and audacity

Confident in their capacity

To out-maneuver the other one

Journeying through the galaxy was much fun..


Now Rhythm had her course all charted out

She glided through the path without a doubt

Gracefully, steadily, each step predictable

In stride and cadence, precise and measurable

Through light-years of travel she followed a pattern

Weaving her way gracefully through every turn

Calm as the ocean at low tide she remained

Her emotions never wavered or changed.


While Chaos set out with just a general vision

Of her journey, no map to lead her to her destination

She stumbled through obstacles, crashed and collided

Transformed herself , new ideas to worlds she provided

Rode high on the tides of exhilaration; ebbed with the low

Influenced by surroundings, she went with the flow

Her emotions ran raw and high fairly often

It was a roller-coaster ride throughout, no path was even.


Rhythm reached her destination, the location precise

At the diametrically opposite point of the galaxy; she was wise

To plant a flag firmly in the nebula that explained

The exact co-ordinates of her end location, and proclaimed

The exact time in which her journey was completed

She did not see Chaos, she considered her defeated.


Meanwhile Chaos in her laissez-faire manner had reached

An undiscovered corner of the galaxy, its virginity not breached

She stood there admiring the beauty of this new place

She had almost forgotten about the frivolous race


God had been following with great interest

He was the self-appointed  judge of this contest

He found that both Rhythm and Chaos had taken

The same amount of time for completion, down to the second

The total distance traveled did not vary by even a fraction

Both had discovered different areas in opposite directions

But at diametrically opposite ends of the galaxy

Thus both achieved the same, as you see

So He announced the result of the competition

As a tie between the two, after due consideration


As an unhappy Rhythm tried to voice her concern

Over misunderstanding, quite out of turn

God turned to both and decided to explain

How each was right in her own domain.

“Without Rhythm, there would be no life anywhere

For who could live if Sun decided to disappear 


Life is designed around the absolute predictability

Of days, nights, seasons, reassuring in their immutability..

While Chaos is the restless curiosity that resides 

Within human beings, it flows with the tides

Always on the lookout for novel experiences

New ideas, new emotions to satiate the senses

Without Chaos, the world would not have progressed

Humans would be cavemen, in animal skins dressed

While Rhythm provides the backbone for progress

Chaos accomplishes new feats by virtue of restlessness


So they went their merry way, each contented

With her place in the universe, as was intended.
















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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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