Healing Touch

Role of a physician: “Cure Sometimes, Treat Often, Comfort Always”- Hippocrates


These days I often have a sinking feeling

Fogged in despair, my head is reeling

Did I somehow, gravely misunderstand

The role of a physician, that healing hand

Why do I encounter, more and more

Suffering each day, less and less cure?

Technical advancements let us prolong

Life without improving it- something is wrong-

I make them feel better- in the short-term I do

But they keep on suffering, as maladies accrue

I treat their illnesses, but cannot alleviate

Their suffering and pain, which continue to accumulate

For every new setback I can offer solutions-

More testing, procedures, expert consultations

I patch all the holes, while trying to deceive

Myself, trying my hardest to believe

Whatever I do would miraculously cure

All ills of my patient, old age and more

But this holistic ideal is a mere fantasy

There’s little I change, that I clearly see

My judgment as a physician is probably sound

Based on current practice, but it seems profound

To see how I have but little influence

On their quality of lives, I make not much difference..


This is the question I asked myself and God

Not helping people, I felt like a fraud

The answer came to me one day in my sleep

Brilliant in its simplicity, it was deep

Treating the ailment was where I paid attention-

Treating the patient would give me more satisfaction

So I changed my strategy, trying to comprehend 

The patient as much as his illness, to make amends

For all these years where my focus had been wrong

I wonder why I  practiced that way for so long


I am but an instrument in the hands of Almighty

I try my best to heal, that’s my role in society

But more than that, I try to remember I can

Provide comfort always, to every single man.



Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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