When Santa found no chimney

dsc04307-copy-2Chimneys are a staple of folklore

Santa descends via one, does not knock on the door

The big bad wolf decided to creep down

The pigs’ chimney, in boiling water he did drown

You would expect chimneys have always been around

When references to chimneys in fables abound- 

There were no chimneys a thousand years ago, in fact

For smoke from a fire to escape a house, there was no tract

Except a hole in the roof that barely prevented folks

From suffocation, the rooms were always filled with smoke

Imagine the smoke getting in your eyes constantly

(Medieval folks must be less prone to allergies, certainly)


When houses became two-storeyed, it created a conundrum

For escape of smoke, chimneys developed as a solution

The humble chimney gave people some respite

From the smokiness they constantly had to fight

Fireplace came to occupy its permanent place

Against the wall in a corner, instead of the center of a space



Fireplaces and chimneys underwent major alterations

In their designs over centuries, in different nations



Knowing the history of chimneys makes me glad

That I am not in the medieval age, it would be sad

To have my home and clothes in soot soaked

I am glad they invented chimneys to drive out smoke!




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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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