Learning to learn

So my colleagues and I were talking about preparation for an examination. The study material is available in two formats- textbook, and hour long videos of in-depth lectures on different topics . Most of my colleagues found the videos much easier to follow and more engaging, while I could watch them only after reading the text (others went back to the text after watching the video). This brought me to the topic of visual learning It is estimated that 80% of use are visual learners. Here is my take on visual learning-


(sourced from pinterest)

This fact, surprisingly, I recently found

That visual information affects us in a way more profound

Than text- about eighty percent of what people learn

Is actually visual, giving me cause for concern

For I am a person whose nose is always inside

The pages of a book, behind the printed word I hide

Rarely watching videos, documentaries  or television

Believe me, it’s not even a conscious decision

My surroundings, too, I sometimes ignore

When the book I am reading interests me more..


So was I missing out on learning new stuff?

Seemed like learning from books might not be enough

Worried, I tried to watch images, moving and still

To see if some enthusiasm I could instil

Within me to become a visual learner, which I was convinced

Would allow me to learn faster, learn more things..


Soon thereafter I realized that the “visual learner” in me

Did not care for images, it was the words that she did see

When I read, words come alive out of paper for me

Arranging themselves into vivid imagery

I do not need visual aids to learn what I need to

Is what I concluded- plain old words would do!

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