Introvert in the pandemic


Social distancing is taking its toll

On almost everyone, because we all

Are social creatures, we thrive

On interactions with our tribe..

It is much harder for many of us

Who tend to be more gregarious

Then there are some, just like me

Who want to crawl into obscurity

Each time large crowds we have to face

We fiercely guard our personal space…


While the reason behind sheltering in place

Is one that none of us would want to face-

I must admit some aspects of quarantine

Quite comfortable for me have been

Cooped up in the shell of my home, I find

Myself more comfortable in body and mind

Attending dinners and social events is not

My cup of tea, I have always fought

The urge to make an excuse and decline

Such invitations- you cannot lure me with free wine

I am  glad these days the pressure to attend

Any events in person is non-existent…

In professional and personal life these days

Grooming and presentation matter in so many ways

Trying to approach perceived standards is hard for me

Meeting on online platforms is, by comparison, easy

Pre-pandemic, I had craved for solitude

Now I am content to stay away from multitudes…


In a world that values sociability

I have often felt like an anomaly

But these days it does not hurt

To be less sociable, be an introvert

While many meet on zoom and plan away

I am content in my company all day..














Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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