To yourself you must not draw attention

You do not know about the intention

Of people, known and unknown, who are looking at you

All attention has negative connotations, regard this as true

There are only two times you should get attention

First, when for academic prowess you get recognition

And second, the day you become a bride

Even then your personality you must hide

Look demure, humble, not too confident

Attention should not exceed a certain extent..


Always an obedient child coloring between the lines

I learnt to be wary of people’s hidden designs

Learnt to escape attention except when I was recognized

For academic excellence- that I so prized

Skilled I became at being inconspicuous

Being a silent spectator was etched in my subconscious

I led a rather insipid life in this way

But I avoided controversy and criticism I must say…


The corollary to lack of attention became

That despite my ability, forgotten was my name

I did little to distinguish myself from the crowd

Attention went to the voices that were loud

My quiet demeanor and diffidence appeared

As lack of confidence- that was the right assumption, I fear

In trying to thwart attention unwanted

I had lost the ability to state my views undaunted…


Now I am gradually learning to draw attention appropriate

To myself, I am learning to confidently state

My point of view, which may sometimes be

Dramatically different, placing the spotlight on me

In this competitive world, the right kind of visibility

Is essential to success, now I clearly see…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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