Success redefined


How would I define success today?

Do I think I’m successful, am I able to say

I’ve arrived, I’ve achieved the goals

That make me successful as a whole

Is success a discrete entity or a continuum?

Is my life headed in an upward direction?


Success was important, that was ingrained

In my mind, it was a message firmly retained

From the applause that as a child I’d received

Getting good grades, winning contests I perceived

As being synonymous with success

Therefore, sadly, I continued to obsess

Over academic excellence, which I did achieve

I would be successful, I began to believe..


The definition of success morphed as I grew

Or branched out, as I faced challenges new

The first brush with failure was a resounding blow

To my overestimated ability, my fragile ego

More challenges in myriad spheres followed

I stumbled repeatedly along the road

Failure became a faithful companion for me

While fickle success floated in and out repeatedly…


These days success I measure in aliquots small

Each time that I rise up after a fall

Each time I reach or exceed targets I’ve set

I consider it success, a sense of accomplishment I get

To improve my health, when steps I take

To enhance my skills, when efforts I make

These are steps to keep failure at bay

To feel successful in small measures everyday

There is no applause, rarely appreciation I receive

There are no tangible measures of success to achieve..

The old barometer of success was dependent

On external validation- not internal contentment

With age, I define success differently

It is for me to feel, not for the world to see



Success is not a goal-post, nor a destination to reach

It is a journey with failure by my side to teach

The value of persistence, the need for humility

I am navigating towards internal success, successfully!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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