That miracle cream..

I look at the advertisement on my screen

With promises of results never before seen

I am lured by the luxurious anti-wrinkle cream

Truth be told, I am being sold a dream

When I buy a product that promises a miracle

I am letting go of reason, I am being gullible

Because my life feels empty and I want to believe

Desperately, that this cream would help me achieve

The elusive youthful wrinkle-free skin somehow

That would make me feel beautiful, that would allow

The void within to be obliterated at last

My confidence would see an improvement vast

When I invest my moolah in a product of this kind

I invest my hopes and dreams too, I find

My cognitive faculties remind me quick-fixes there are none

But my bedazzled heart has already begun

To dream of the flawless skin they proclaim

Some part of my past I hope to reclaim


Millions of women like me search each day

For happiness to magically come our way

By way of capsules, creams, hair products or lotions

Leaving logic aside, buying what appeals to our emotions

Looking for a panacea, that something elusive

That would make life feel a little easier to live

We delude ourselves that if only we could

Look more youthful, more beautiful, healthier, we would

Be happier in our lives, and for that we need

That one thing touted on instagram indeed…


Next time I am lured, I must try to remember somehow

That it is our inherent insecurities that have allowed

The beauty industry to prosper and grow

This is a fact all of us should know

Before we spend money on “miracle” stuff

We should remind ourselves that we are enough..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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