Sita says..

One of the most controversial episodes in the Hindu epic Ramayana is the Agnipariskha (Test by Fire) of Sita. As per the alleged tale, after Ram had defeated Ravan and rescued Sita, he refused to accept her and Sita was asked to jump into fire to prove her chastity after having lived in Lanka in Ravan’s kingdom where he had taken her after abducting her. The Fire God then rescued her and she came out unburnt.

Since I was a goddess, I thought erroneously

Agni Pariksha would end with me,

There was a shadow of me for masquerade

As the Avatar of Lakshmi I escaped unscathed

I thought women of generations after me

Would not have to face this ignominy

Would not have to face unfair blame

Would not be the ones to be ashamed

When crimes were inflicted on them by cruel men

But so wrong was I, sisters and brethren!


An era later Draupadi faced humiliation surpassing mine

Why was that part of the cosmic design?

Two eras later no change I can see

Women are bound by vagaries of patriarchy

Instructed to maintain their honor, and blamed

For freedom in dress, behavior, words, taught to be ashamed

When their rights are infringed upon violently

They continue to face trial by fire, I see


When I wanted to keep my honor, at least I could

Ask Mother Earth to take me in, so I would

Not have to face humiliation any more

What do mortal women have for them in store?

A woman’s autonomy is still a joke today

And we’ve made progress in women’s rights, you say?

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