Not just gossip..

Enough has been said about women congregating

To gossip about each other, it has been labeled a habit “irritating”

By men over centuries, building an image negative

Of “idle” women with boring lives to live..

When women get together, they share

Everything under the sun, no topic they spare

In doing so they support each other and find

Sisterhood profound, to heal their wounds and energize their minds

In a society that does not give them much space

To air their grievances, to solve the problems they face

When women get together they commiserate

Over the myriad responsibilities on their plate

Sometimes they try to satiate vicariously

Their secret desires, they discuss other women they see

Doing what they cannot, unfortunately it is interpreted thus-

That they are gossiping, being mean, or being vicious…


When women in solidarity come together

Their sisterhood is a force that any storm can weather

The bonding among women, do not trivialize

Hidden within gossip is more than meets your eyes….

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

4 thoughts on “Not just gossip..

  1. OMG HELL YES. And, sometimes it’s just idle and superficial… Better to not make the assumption that it’s always and only that, though. More and more I believe that if women ran the world, or at least if world leaders were allowed to express more feminine energy and action, we would all be better off. :/

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    1. I think the flawed perception of women engaging in idle gossip has been perpetuated to keep women in check. Make the world (including women themselves) believe that their discussions are meaningless and petty, so that they can never realize the power that they have together. As for gossip, both men and women indulge in it, only women are maligned.

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    2. Catherine–you read my mind! Why oh why do women talking amongst themselves make people think the worse. Like we have nothing better to do all day than gossip.
      Hell, yes–someone has to save this world–might as well be women!

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