Let me tell you something that might sound

Quite narcissistic the first time around

How about searching for your name 

On the world wide web, are you game?

I have searched for my name just for fun

To find if my unique name is more common

Than I thought, but the kind of information

That I found was an eye-opener of sorts

Whatever it was, an ego trip it was not

Besides my professional credentials (not quite accurate)

My professional licensure for my state

Professional and blog articles meant to be shared

I found personal information of which I was unaware

Just the thought of life being displayed online

Scared me, introduced unease into my mind

Some information I changed or anonymized

So it would not be visible (at least) to every eye

Though I know that once information makes its way

To the world wide web, it is there to stay

Most of it I had no hand in placing out there

But it can be tracked by future employers, I’m aware

On a lighter note, I was quite happy to know

That the percentage of exact name matches was quite low

Which means my name is still quite unique

(At least I got one ego booster that I had set out to seek)


So I urge you to type in google search your name

Your perception of the web might not stay the same!

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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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