A tribute to Indian folk art

I traveled through India, often complaining About the lack of infrastructure, feigning A Westernized approach to the land, I should say (Not proud of myself as I write this today) Then there was something that left me Mesmerized and amazed, when I did see (Again like the typical Western traveler) Folk art in its unadorned splendorContinue reading “A tribute to Indian folk art”

Tribute to Indian Classical Dancers

Exposed to various cultures I have been Myriad performing arts I have seen Yet when I think of unparalleled grace, The image that I conjure is the face Of a classical dancer from India immersed Into the very soul of her dance, well-versed In fluid movements and facial expressions Recounting tales from an ancient nationContinue reading “Tribute to Indian Classical Dancers”

Passage of time

Hair peppered with silver strands Fine wrinkles lining her face Reminders of the shifting sands Of time, the years lost in a haze Of building a home, earning a living Nurturing with tender love and caring Holidays, dinners, gifting and giving, Days bathed in sunshine of loving and sharing… Never a moment of dullness, orContinue reading “Passage of time”

Five favorites- Verses

I have always loved poetry, and some verses have stuck with me over the years. These are some of my favorites (I have included only the verses that I remember): 1. The Glories of Our Blood and State- James Shirley The glories of our blood and state      Are shadows, not substantial things; There is noContinue reading “Five favorites- Verses”