Demonized, demoralized

This verse is in light of recent events in India regarding violence towards doctors.

You placed me on a pedestal, but God I was not..


Yes I recall the day when before you I stood

My sterile gown caked with blood, giving news good

In the operating room, I had passed a grueling night

My team had emerged victorious in the fight

To save your child-  from a touch and go situation

We had finally achieved stabilization

Do you know while you showered praises on me

Comparing me to a celestial being in some galaxy

I felt relief powerful, and fatigue profound

Drained of adrenaline, I longed for sleep sound.

For God I am not, and after being awake

For 36 hours, enthusiasm I could not fake

I was grateful to a higher power for the opportunity

To be a part of your child’s journey


You demonized me, but a demon I am not..


I lie on the hospital bed in excruciating pain

Flashbacks of your face contorted with fury and disdain

Torment me as I recall the blows that you showered on me

I never expected assault even in dreams of nightmarish quality

I know you don’t believe me, but hard I tried

To saved your loved one’s life, but against him was the tide

I am not God, I do not possess

The elixir of eternal life- I do confess

The disease was advanced, age was against him too

My team left no stone unturned , nothing more we could do

Isn’t everyone mortal, placed on earth to eventually die?

Then why do you hold me alone responsible, why?

I was never God, nor am I the demon that you call me

What do you aim to achieve by the violence against me?

My bones are broken, my heart even more

This experience has shaken me to the core

I am an ordinary human being, trying to earn

An honest living, like most folks under the sun

I know my profession demands some sacrifice

But senseless violence is too unfair a price…


I have neither the powers nor designs

Of either God or a demonic mind

A human am I with skills acquired

Through years of study and training required

I provide service and if you are dissatisfied

You may seek redress in legal ways nationwide

For fear of my life, I plead to you,

I am but a human being too…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

3 thoughts on “Demonized, demoralized

  1. Very well depicted feelings .
    So far as things go right , a doctor is a God , but as soon as they are unfavorable , people are ready to take law in their hands ! 😢

    Liked by 1 person

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