Freedom these days is a word that incites

Anger, concern, despair- it is a fundamental right

And in the face of a challenge never before seen

The operational word suddenly is quarantine…


While personal liberties restricted appear

I, paradoxically, feel free amid this fear

As the world grapples with illness and death

As millions struggle to catch their breaths

The weight of expectations that I was supposed to carry

Has been lifted, therefore I feel free


Social obligations that felt burdensome 

No longer exist- though missed by some,

Make an introvert like me less stressed

There is no pressure to be well-dressed

Or to societal standards of beauty try to conform

With more time on hand I can perform

My work more efficiently, it is true

With more time at hand, a lot more I can do

Freedom of time- a luxury once craved by me

I have found, albeit temporarily

I am free to think, to ponder, to dream

Something that until recently did difficult seem..

In a world united by a common fight

There’s no one to impress, no need to prove myself right

My authentic self I have discovered again

This social isolation has led to personal gain


When the nightmare ends, life will be

Definitely altered irrevocably

When social distancing goes away

And the freedom of movement comes our way

I hope to carry some lessons forward

The things I’ve realized during this period-

The weight of expectations from the society

Is only burdensome if you let it be

I hope in the future I shall stay

As free in spirit as I am today..






























Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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