Maternal misgivings


My precious child, in you I see

The vivacious child I used to be

Your ebullience and curiosity

Are reminders of the younger me

You have a spring in your step and hope in your eyes

You are carefree- I am cautious and worldly-wise

When did I stop being like you, I wonder

Was growing up to be an adult but a blunder?


You teach me valuable lessons, you remind me

Of how little is needed to be content and carefree

As I marvel at you, fear grips me suddenly

What if you grow up to be just like me?

What if you start listening to the noise around

What if you find your inner voice drowned?


As I say this I also realize

I’m probably teaching you to see the world with my eyes

My unrealized dreams, my insecurities- I fear

Might percolate into your conscience, my dear

The thought terrifies me I confess

My inner conflict should be for me alone to process…


You will probably end up imbibing more

From me than I want, thus I need to make sure

The inner dialogue that runs through my mind

Remains here, your inner voice does not find..

To do that; I think, while you learn from me

I should learn from you simultaneously-

To live in the moment, live without pretense

To do what the heart desires, with confidence

That things will turn out all right in the end

And probably even better than we intend..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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