Frazzled is the word that most accurately

Defines me at home most days, unfortunately

All the focus that into my work I channel

Once I reach home, simply starts to unravel

Demands of housework, never-ending series of chores

My child asking for help with school projects and more

Dinner and clean-up, bedtime stories all vie

For my limited time and attention, I would not lie

That I often feel overwhelmed and annoyed

When I feel that way, any serious discussion I avoid

Too little time for all that I have to do

Starts affecting my sanity too


To the evening mayhem before I return

I try to center myself so that I do not burn

Myself out trying to work at a frantic pace

I give myself some time and space

All alone, before my car I exit

Think and reflect, the urge I resist

To dash out of the car and straight inside

Most days I accomplish it, I say that with pride

Taking a few minutes to simply idle away

Is my meditation, that I practice day after day

When I see my family, less frazzled I feel

With simultaneous stressors, much better I feel

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “Frazzled

  1. ‘I give myself some time and space, All alone, before my car I exit’–this is what I would do before I left the parking lot at work. It made a world of difference!


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