Two faces..

You thought there was just one of you The version that was authentic and true To your soul, reflecting your values core.. How come you did not realize before That you have two faces, two sides The tongue-in-cheek, irreverent one, that’s hidden inside And the other- the public one coated with a veneer Of propriety […]

Translate Me Not

To the issue of language I rarely pay enough attention With both Hindi and English, I have an equal connection But subtexts hidden in the way language is used may Have political and social relevance, as I learnt one day… I was reminded of our colonial legacy That still influences our behavior unfortunately… It was […]


Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life. – Buddha Somehow I know life would begin one day At the end of my comfort zone where the way Familiar to me would abruptly end And I would no longer be able to pretend That the status quo satisfactory has been I would have to jump […]

You look too young to be…

I look younger than my age Why would you think that would be a cause for rage Ageism is so deeply ingrained Looking old should be a cause for pain So why am I disturbed when I am called Young like a teenager, why am I appalled At being told to be a doctor I […]


Random thoughts and ideas I find Are eager to be transformed into words in my mind Forming unconnected lines that I try to string Together in verses that help me make sense of things Placing thoughts on paper in rhyme Makes me solve conundrums many times Alas, these verses often interfere With obligations in every […]

Consumed by Ambition

How do you suppress Ambition that wants to possess Every fiber of you, enslave you in every way That burns like a fire every day Powerful enough to paralyze Intimidating enough to immobilize Such that it is never translated Into meaningful action, never lets you be satiated.. ** Ambition that wants you to leap ahead […]


To yourself you must not draw attention You do not know about the intention Of people, known and unknown, who are looking at you All attention has negative connotations, regard this as true There are only two times you should get attention First, when for academic prowess you get recognition And second, the day you […]

Strong Women…

When people tell me to be strong, I don’t understand What made them think that I am weak? I have survived despite patriarchy on this land Why should validation from men I seek? * I can withstand labor pains I have seen my own blood flow Though men may hold the reins Of my life, […]


Why do I feel the need to seek permission As if alone I cannot make the decision To curl up in bed, leave chores incomplete Sleep with abandon, no deadlines meet At work, at home, children’s assignments from school Maybe for a day, forget all the rules.. But the idea of loosening up is scary […]


Like a chasm in my heart that stays Open- memories are lodged there, slow to decay The ache trapped inside, forever imprisoned Worse than anything I had envisioned Something snapped broken, that does not mend Making it harder at times to pretend That I am all right, that I have moved on.. When an appendage […]

Am I an Imposter?

The voice of doubt speaks again, am I enough Do I really know all this stuff Did I just get lucky, or is it true That I’m actually competent enough to do Everything that I’m perceived as capable of doing Why are there in my mind doubts brewing About my capability- is it because I […]