This is actually an intense, critical post, but first enjoy the images of well-lit areas and holiday lighting!

The Wynn, Las Vegas, NVDSC03718Aria, Las Vegas, NVDSC04179Holiday Lights, PhiladelphiaDSC04197 Lincoln Center, New York City, NYDSC04226Columbus Circle, NYC, NYDSC04204Shops at Columbus Circle

I have been in the US for a reasonable period of time now, and the one thing that I find quite appalling is the lack of adequate street lighting at night, especially in residential areas (suburbs). Now I am somewhat used to it, but in the beginning, I found it difficult to drive in the night on hilly roads and around the bends on pitch dark roads. Even the train stations are poorly lit! Considering that I, like thousands of people, leave home when it is dark and return in the dark, I think it should be an issue. Add to it the fact that almost everyone is wearing a dark coat in the winters!

Recently there was an extremely tragic fatal accident in our community near a train station where someone crossing the road in the dark was crushed by a vehicle. Since then, I personally have been wearing white down jackets and carrying a bright scarf. For runners, running clothes with reflective stripes are available to allow then to be seen in the dark, which is a great concept.

Anyhow, with the holiday season in full swing now, most of the houses have Christmas lighting, which helps in the dark in suburban areas. Of course, people living downtown don’t need to worry, there is plenty of lighting there!

Sorry for spoiling the fun, but I had to get this out!

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