Tribute to Indian Classical Dancers

11111classical“Indian classical dance is a term for various performance arts rooted in religious Hindu musical theater styles,whose theory and practice can be traced to the Sanskrit text Natya Shastra. The number of recognized classical dances range from eight to more, depending on the source and scholar. These dances have been regional, all of them include music and recitation in local language or Sanskrit, and they represent a unity of core ideas in a diversity of styles, costumes and expression.”


I have dabbled in one form of Indian classical dance as a child (Bharatnatyam) and retain a strong admiration for all forms of Indian classical dance. This is a tribute to an Indian classical dancer.

Exposed to various cultures I have been

Myriad performing arts I have seen

Yet when I think of unparalleled grace,

The image that I conjure is the face

Of a classical dancer from India immersed

Into the very soul of her dance, well-versed

In fluid movements and facial expressions

That combine to tell tales from an ancient nation

Epitomizing  years of practice, discipline and poise

With every performance, she gives Indian culture a voice

Showcasing thousands of years of tradition

Blending rhythmic movements and drama in equal combination

Using her eyes to express complex emotions

Moving her limbs to the beat of music in flowing motion

She combines various elements in her art

Dance, theater and storytelling are each a part

Of her performance, making her art unique

Years of instruction are needed to master the technique

Of classical dance, and every time she performs

She breathes new life into an ancient art form. 









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