I need a book with me!

I think I make it abundantly clear

That I am a bibliophile, I hold books dear

Never do I go anywhere without a book in my hand

Even if I know I wouldn’t open it at all- I can’t stand

The thought of spending a free moment anywhere

Without being able to read- though to be fair

I spend as much time on my smartphone scrolling through

Social media posts, even when I don’t mean to

But the habit of carrying a book with me

Predates the advent of cell phone technology

If a physical book is cumbersome, I have books on my phone

In the company of a good book, I never feel alone


In to my passion when I take a deep dive

I realize that I don’t need varied experiences to thrive

Vicariously I experience the universe through books

I can be oblivious of my surroundings, not have to look

At anything else when a book is with me

Reading has taught me to enjoy my own company

Through times of turmoil and lack of human interaction

Books have sustained me, provided me a distraction

A refuge from boredom, anxiety, anger, despondency

Losing myself in a book has meant all of that for me

My life has been enriched by the books I have read

On a steady diet of new books, I hope I can continue to be fed


Let me always carry a book with me

If I find between errands some moments free

I’ll let some impactful writing create an impression

And reinforce with books my obsession

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “I need a book with me!

  1. Me, too! I don’t read books online, so with me it is always a ‘book’ book. No matter where we go, my husband always says, “You have a book with you?” Absolutely!

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