Let me bring the moon for you

You love your children, you don’t want to deny

Anything they desire, you have the means, so why

Should you not fulfill every demand of theirs

They must know they are loved, their parents care

For their well-being, for their happiness

You want the moon and stars for them, no less

You explain that their demands are not unreasonable

You rationalize their wants as needs whenever you are able

You are selfless parents, willing to give up at once

Your own needs to satisfy the wants of your little ones


Your child is now an adult, fully grown

Who needs to navigate the world on his own

Unfortunately he has grown up without having learnt

That “no” is a complete answer, he has now been burnt

By facing rejection for the first time that he can recall

He feels devastated, not knowing this is universal after all

Most people you meet are not going to do what you say

No one in this world, all the time, gets his way..

You try to explain to him that this is the way

The world works, but he fees despondent anyway


You look back at your parenting style and wonder

If fulfilling every demand of your child was a blunder

Sooner or later each one of us has to hear a “No”

For an answer, we just have to forego

That person, or thing, or opportunity

Understanding this is a key to being happy

To say no sometimes as parents is important to learn

The temporary disappointment may pay off in the long run..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “Let me bring the moon for you

  1. Love love love this one! It’s so uncomfortable, for them and us alike, to say no. And that is our job, to model how to tolerate, even embrace the inevitable discomforts and pain in life—to accept this and learn how to suffer the least from it all. Pain is a given; suffering can be a choice. 😊

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